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Carolyne Aarsen

Carolyne Aarsen, originally a city girl, was transplanted to the country when she married her dear husband Richard. Thankfully, the move took. While raising four children and a number of foster children, assorted chickens, dogs, cats, and cows, Carolyne’s résumé gained a few unique entries. Besides the usual challenges and joys of wife and motherhood, she found out how to grow a garden, sew blue jeans, bake, pickle, and preserve. She learns to sort pigs, handle cows, drive a tractor, a quad, a snow machine, ride a horse, and train a colt. Through all of this, she came to appreciate the open spaces of the countryside, the pace of life away from the city, and the fellowship in the Christian community she and her family became a part of. She is most thankful however, to be able to express her faith in God through the books and stories she writes.


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